QucikKool Pain Relieving Mouth Ulcer Gel Price

QucikKool Mouth Ulcer Gel

In today’s hectic schedule and fast paced life it’s been difficult to maintain regular and healthy diet. The working hours have increased, thus amount of stress level is increased. All this reasons cause Acidity and are primary concerns for Mouth Ulcer. It medically known as Mucosal Ulcer.

Mouth Ulcers are generally caused due to cuts or injuries inside the mouth. This cuts and injuries lead to severe pain and provide difficulties while eating, drinking, and even talking. The Mouth Ulcer mainly occurs on the inner cheek, inner lip, tongue and floor of the mouth.

Piramal Enterprises Limited has launched a pain relieving Mouth Ulcer gel known as QuikKool. QuikKool is a unique formulation to relief pain instantly and quickly healing up the ulcer.

QuikKool contains Choline Salicylate, Lignocaine & Benzalkonium Chloride. It gives a pleasant flavor in the mouth when applied on the ulcer. The presence Lignocaine acts on the nerve endings and relieves the pain thus giving a cooling comfort. Choline Salicylate soothes the ulcer and heals quickly. While the presence of Benzalkonium Chloride provides anti-bacterial protection to the wound.

The hands should be clean before applying the QuikKool. Apply on the affected area with the index finger and rub well. It should be applied once in every 3 hours.

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