Pepsodent Expert Protection Complete Toothpaste Price

Pepsodent Expert Protection CompletePepsodent is widely recommended toothpaste brand by the dentists. It is the best to maintain the oral health and also best to cure many dental problems.

Brushing is not only recommended for maintaining oral hygiene as germs tends to exist in between teeth and also on the tongue in the mouth. For germ free mouth the three specific regimes needs to be followed. The regime includes the toothpaste – that fights against cavities, flossing – is done to clean the spaces between our teeth and Mouthwash – for whole mouth protection.

Pepsodent Expert Protection Complete performs the entire three specified regime and provides the expert protection. The Pepsodent Expert Protection toothpaste is designed to fight against cavity, the micro granules present in the toothpaste is used for inter-dental cleaning, and the flavor gives you long lasting mouth freshness.

Pepsodent Expert Protection toothpaste provides complete and superior protection from dental problems like cavities, gum diseases and stops bad breath due its antiplaque and antibacterial system.

The Pepsodent Expert Protection toothpaste also helps you prevent from sensitivity. Sensitivity is a pain in our teeth that is caused when we consume or eat any kind of fluid that is cold, or even sweet.

For healthy mouth it is recommended to brush twice daily.

Buy Pepsodent Expert Protection Complete Toothpaste online at lowest price from below Shops:

Rs. 173.00
2 X 150 Gm
Rs. 99.00
150 Gm
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