Indica 10 minutes Hair Creme Colour at Lowest Price

Indica 10 minutes Creme Colour

Ever worried about your grey hair coverage? Sitting and waiting for long hours to get your Grey coverage hidden by applying hair colours that are too expensive and also take long time to be washed.

Indica Creme Colours are designed to provide 100% grey coverage in about 10 minutes. It is formulated to retain the conditioner locks for long lasting and gives vibrant colour in just 10 minutes.

Still must be a worry as how come any hair colour just covers the grey hair in just minutes that is so quickly. But the answer is yes as Indica Creme Hair colours discovered a high fusion technology that quickly gives our hair a gorgeous, long lasting colour and a rich look. Even if we are in a hurry we can still think to colour our hair in short span of time.

Indica Creme Colours makes use of colour enhancers which promotes a faster penetration of colour. Its colour retain mechanism makes your coloured hair remain vibrant for longer duration as it locks the colour in our hair.

The Indica Creme Colours comes with two Conditioner sachets that should be used for nourishment and retaining the colour on the hair.

There are varieties of colour choices available with the shades of Black, Brown, Deep Red and Burgundy to choose from, and discover a new you in just 10 minutes.

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