Himalaya Liv 52 Chewable Tablets at Lowest Price

Himalaya Liv 52 Chewable TabletIn today’s world, it is mostly filled with dangerous toxins, and we do not have any control towards the air we breathe, the place we live, the food we consume and the water we drink and these harmful toxins enter our body through these modes and affect our internal organs. The most effected organ in our body is liver and to protect it from damage Himalaya had formulated Liv-52 tablets.

Liv-52 is made naturally with multi-ingredients and is safe and effective in shielding the liver against the harmful toxins from alcohol, water and food. Clinically proven, that the consumption of Liv-52 has cholesterol-regulating action, and maintains healthy levels of serum cholesterol, lipoproteins, phospholipids and triglycerides.

The Liv-52 tablets needs to be consumed as prescribed by the physician. The consumption of Liv-52 provides various benefits mainly it improves the functional efficiency of the liver. It detoxifies and guards from harmful food and medication toxins, maintains healthy levels of liver enzymes, helps in proper digestion, it supports the liver’s ability to burn fats and supports in metabolism process.

Himalaya’s Liv-52 tablets benefits us for the different diseases such as Viral Hepatitis, Alcoholic liver disease. It proves beneficial in loss of appetite; it provides treatment for radiation and chemotherapy-induced liver damage and many more. There are no side effects and can be consumed daily as prescribed.

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