HealthViva Bone+ (Calcium Citrate & Vitamin D3 with Magnesium)


As we age, we tend to become less active, suffer with many illness including problems with bones, due to decrease in  calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium form our body that are required for maintaining healthy bones. Due to insufficient amount of presence of calcium and vitamin D in our bones leads to bad joint pains and knee disorders.

Thus HealthViva Bone+ brings us a unique product with a combination of Calcium Citrate & Vitamin D3 with Magnesium with no harmful chemicals improves our joint functioning.

It provides nutrition and dietary supplements. The consumption of HealthViva Bone+ helps ensure women they have strong bones. Regular exercise, healthy diet and enough intakes of Calcium & Vitamin D3 with magnesium helps women in teens and young adults of all races (White and Asian women) maintain good bone health and may reduce the high risks of facing osteoporosis in later life and may lead and enjoy a life filled with activities and ambitions.

Adequate intake of calcium is important on a daily basis, but should not exceed above 2000 mg on daily basis.

HealthViva Bone+ is clinically proven and helps fights against osteoporosis if taken beforehand.

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