Glam-Up Powder Cream at Lowest Price

Glam-Up Powder CreamWomen of all generation want to look beautiful and special in minutes and to maintain that we are tend to use and try different product available in the market. We also tend to buy different make up products to look beautiful for a special evening or to attend a party.

VINI brings a unique product for all the women who would like to look beautiful and fresh in just a matter of minutes without putting up too much of makeup. As using too much of makeup regularly cause our skin to become dry, also it has to be removed off the face properly with a good cleanser or else the left over makeup would harm our skin.

Glam Up powder cream is an answer for all the worries. It is the first and unique blend of powder and cream that and gives an instant fairness. The use of Glam-Up gives even tone skin, and maintains the moisture of the skin. It gives the look and feel of a smooth texture and also protects our skin from sun damage.

Glam-Up is suitable for all skin tone and it does not dry out the skin. It should be applied evenly all over the face and neck to have an even tone.

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Rs. 150.00
25 Gm
Rs. 150.00
25 Gm
Rs. 150.00
25 Gm

2 Responses so far.

  1. M.V.SESHAGIRI RAO says:

    I have small doubt, is it useful for only ladies
    or Gents or both. Is there any side effects in this product, and if it is effected sunlight, is there any problem for our skin?
    Becase I am male, Shall I use it?
    DO YOU KNOW “ANNI FRENCH” unwanted hair remover,it is for ladies only, but I was also applied in my leg,after 5 mts elergy has been started, that effect in my skin more then 1 year. So, before that your product, I want take your clarifications.
    Thank you
    seshagiri rao

    • admin says:

      Its ideal for women, but male can use it. Check if its suitable to you or not by applying little quantity on any small areas like ear or neck for some days & then decide. It doesn’t have SPF so need to apply your regular sun screen along with it to protect from sun.

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