Abbott Pediasure Vanilla Delight at Lowest Price

Abbott Pediasure Health Drink PowderIf you are worried about your child’s growth, immunity system, fussy eating habit, incomplete meal and if your child is always being unwell, PediaSure is the best choice to opt for. PediaSure is Nutritional product that boosts the immunity power and is suitable for children aged from 2 – 10 years. PediaSure is a dietary supplement that is blended with 37 vital nutrients like Milk solids, apple juice, wheat flour, minerals, vitamins sucrose etc that are required for your child’s development and growth. At this age children are always prone to infections and thus to prevent them from infections, Vitamin A, C, E and Iron, Selenium are required and PediaSure contains all the ingredients as per requirement.

PediaSure also contains Fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, Choline, helps in brain development, a healthy blend of prebiotics and probiotics helps in increasing your child’s immunity. It comes in a Chocolate flavor that attracts children and has a wonderful taste that your child can’t resist of.

Instructions to Use: Mix 5 spoons of PediaSure powder into 190ml of water or milk to make one serving. Mix it thoroughly until the powder is completely dissolved. It should be consumed immediately after blended.

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200 Gm
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