Abbott Glucerna SR Powder

Abbott Glucerna SR Powder

People facing issues with abnormal glucose metabolism should consume Glucerna products as it specifically designed for such people. These products are formulated with reduced carbohydrates, modified fat, and fiber to help manage glucose level response and lipid levels. It is clinically proved and tested and is highly effective for people with diabetes.

Glucerna SR contains necessary vitamins and minerals that target the nutritional needs of diabetic people and their related conditions. Glucerna SR products are ready to use and are recommended primarily as a low calorie meal replacement. It can also be used as a snack or a supplement for added calories and protein and should be consumed with the prescribed diet.

People suffering from type 2 diabetes are prone to obesity and the Glucerna SR products are very useful to overcome obesity. The Glucerna SR products are very convenient and appropriate as it provides high calorie levels and a low density of nutrients.

The Glucerna SR comes in different flavours of Vanilla and Chocolate that can be taken regularly as a drink to supplement any snack or diet, or even can be replaced for a meal.

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